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active imagination:

a technique Jung developed to enhance one's relationship with unconscious material. Using one's imagination, one interacts with figures, images and symbols that arise from the unconscious

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(Jungian) images and symbols from dream content are elaborated and clarified by seeking archetypal parallel motifs in folklore, legends, myths, and religion.

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(Jungian) the unconscious feminine side of a man that typically manifests in dreams and fantasies as an idyllic woman, or can manifest in a man's irrational feelings.

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(Jungian) the unconscious masculine side of a woman that manifests typically in dreams and fantasies as an idyllic man, or can manifest in a woman's irrational thinking.

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(Jungian) a content of the collective unconscious. It is a pattern of perception or understanding that is common to all humans. An archetype can be thought of as a form that molds one's perception of one's experience.

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(Jungian) an affectively toned group of associated ideas.


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(Jungian) the process of becoming an individual


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(Jungian) the priciple that links events acausally and there is a subjective meaningfulness of the coincidence. For example: two acausal events (1. one's inner thought or feeling) and (2. one's experience of an outer event in the external world) that happen simultaneously. They are connected by meaning to the person experiencing the synchronistic event.

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part of the mind that is rarely available to awareness. Repository of data that has never reached conscious awareness, or that only briefly reached awareness and later repressed.

  • personal unconscious: (Jungian) repressed memories, wishes, emotions and subliminal perceptions of a personal nature
  • collective unconscious:(Jungian) unconscious contents that are common to many individuals



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