The primary process of my work as a psychotherapist is to facilitate the remembering of one's own voice. From the time we are born we are assailed by an entire chorus of other's voices, expectations, directions, suggestions. It is a great challenge to emerge with an intact sense of self even in the best of circumstances. So in this work we learn to listen with greater care and awareness via dreams and daily events until the extraneous and often times, hurtful voices are identified, differentiated and confronted. Then we can begin to enjoy a fuller range of motion within our psyches and the world.

   I began my work in private practice in 1986. The steps that led to this career started in 1978 when I worked as a counselor to hospice patients in New Mexico. I then completed a degree in Human Services with a specialty in developmental disabilities and worked for ten years in residential, school and hospital settings. My clinical supervision for my Ph.D. was as therapist to children and families in the midst of divorce. All of those cases were court-ordered due to allegations of abuse. Concurrently I was engaged in my own process with a Jungian Analyst and it was there that I discovered a method of treatment that better met my needs and interests in a deeper understanding of the value of individuation. I received my Ph.D. in Jungian Psychology in 1996 and continue to be grateful for the opportunity to participate in the ongoing process of healing.

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